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1. Trial

Do you offer a free trial?
How do we start the trial?
What support is offered during the trial?

2. Support

How does FXLoader support me?
Why should I choose FXLoader over building my own integration?

3. Pricing

How is FXLoader pricing structured?
Is there an installation fee for FXLoader?

4. Currency Exchange Rate Sources

Which market rates sources are available through FXLoader?
How many Central Banks does FXLoader support?
Do I need to subscribe separately to the rates provider?
What happens if the rates service or network is unavailable?

5. Average Rates

How does FXLoader calculate period average rates?
Are other types of averages available?

6. Security

Does FXLoader run on a secure platform?
Does FXLoader store any of my sensitive data?
How does FXLoader secure web service credentials to send rates to my ERP?

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