FXLoader Cloud Service

FXLoader Cloud Service to load FX rates into ERP Applications

ERP applications with multi-currency features require currency exchange rates to be entered or loaded into the application. These are often daily rates for transaction conversion and period end/period average for accounting functions such as revaluation and translation.

The FXLoader Solution

FXLoader Cloud Service provides a fully automated interface to load rates from leading sources into ERP applications. Set it up to run on a schedule you choose and it will load rates in the background – no user action or checking is required.

FXLoader Cloud Service is a separate cloud application, built on Oracle’s Platform as a Service (PaaS). Configuration is set up in this application; a scheduled process then gets rates from your chosen source(s) and loads them into your ERP Application. Rates are loaded as the final step, using the supported web services.

FX Loader Cloud Service Demo – Configure in under 3 minutes

Currency rates are a small part of any application implementation and we believe they should just ‘be there’ – always available, always accurate.

Our primary goal is to make FXLoader Cloud Service as quick and simple as possible to configure.

There are plenty of options to cover how you prefer to load rates (sources, currencies, dates, etc.) but as long as you know what you need it can be set up and running in 30 minutes.

We provide configuration pages on our cloud platform (Oracle PaaS) which you can use yourselves, or we can configure for you. Most often, the initial set up is done together.

Watch this demo to see just how easily FXLoader can be configured.

Rates Data Source

FXLoader loads rates from OANDA, Xignite, Reuters, xe.com, 50+ central banks including the European Central Bank (ECB) and UK HMRC (UK tax authority). Choose your rates source, or even use more than one, to load into different rate types for use in different parts of your organization.


OANDA is one of the most trusted sources of currency data. FXLoader are OANDA partners and provide their exchange rates service as part of the FXLoader subscription. The service provides daily market rates to every tradable currency, and central bank rates with their Advanced Plan.


Xignite provide the Market Data Cloud on their enterprise-class delivery platform. Their currency rates service provides market rates to every tradeable currency, and a number of central banks around the world. FXLoader are Xignite partners, enabling us to provide their service as part of our subscription.

XE logo transparent

Xe is a well-known and trusted source of mid-market exchange rates, covering every trade-able currency. They use 100+ international sources, filtered for errors, to ensure their currency data reflects accurate global rates.

open exchange rates logo

Open Exchange Rates provide a low-cost yet reliable source of mid-market rates, covering every tradeable currency.


Refinitiv is the new name for Reuters when it comes to market data. Their DataScope Select service (DSS) is integrated into FXLoader to provide access to Refinitiv currency rates data; market rates and central bank rates. You will need an account with Refinitiv that includes DSS.


The Bloomberg Hypermedia API service (HAPI) is used by FXLoader to automate access to Bloomberg currency rates, including market rates and central bank rates. You will need an account with Bloomberg that includes HAPI access.


The ECB publishes Euro rates to 33 major currencies. FXLoader can triangulate these rates to provide rates based on USD, or any other currency combination. This is a free source, yet we have found it to be as reliable and authentic as any paid source, for the currencies covered.

FXLoader provides official central bank rates for a large and growing list of countries. These are often needed for statutory reporting in some countries, such as Mexico, Brazil, other countries in Latin America, parts of Europe and many others.

ERP Applications

FXLoader Cloud Service supports loading currency rates into:

Key Features of FXLoader Cloud Service

Built on Oracle’s robust and reliable Platform as a Service cloud platform

Integration with rates providers and ERP Applications via fully supported web services

Market and Central Bank rates are available

Optional built-in triangulation to derive cross rates

Use the most trusted rates sources

Ability to populate legacy currency codes from current currencies, e.g. MXP from MXN

Robust failure handling including automatic re-tries

Set up email notifications for all runs, or on an exception basis

Choose any frequency and timing of run, to load into any date or range of dates

Choose Bid, Ask or Mid-point market rates and flexible rounding options

Daily Rates available, plus Period End, Period Average, QTD Average and YTD Average

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