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BANDAI NAMCO Games America Inc uses FXLoader for Oracle EBusiness Suite to automate access to latest currency exchange rates.

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“FXLoader enabled trouble-free translation of ledgers, according to the rules laid down by our accounting team. Using OANDA rates makes it easy to justify our rates at a corporate level and with auditors”
Hans Lui, Director of Applications, BANDAI NAMCO Games America Inc.

Business Challenge

The addition of their Brazilian subsidiary into Oracle prompted Bandai Namco to search for an automated solution for currency exchange rates – both daily and period average rates.

The accounting requirements were fairly typical:

  • Conversion of foreign currency transactions to Ledger currency (USD and BRL)
  • Translation of the Brazilian ledger at month end, to USD using Period End and Period Average rates, to enable consolidated reporting

The exchange rates needed to have high credibility, from a reputable source. They needed to be available every morning without any user intervention, with extremely high reliability.

Why FXLoader?

Rates Source

FXLoader partner with a range of rates providers offering authentic rates and high availability access. Bandai Namco chose OANDA as one of the most well-known, which smoothed the acceptance of rates at a corporate level.


100% automation is provided. FXLoader populates rates between all enabled currencies overnight, so all rates are available whenever they are needed. The average calculation is run at month end to facilitate translation of the BRL ledger.


The process is simple and robust, tightly integrated into E-Business Suite using Oracle supported APIs. Installation is quick, easy and automated.

“The product was very simple to install and test. It works seamlessly with our Oracle E-Business Suite modules”
Hans Lui, Director of Applications, BANDAI NAMCO Games America Inc.