FXLoader Cloud Service Release 36 – Improvements

FXLoader Cloud Service Release 36 – Improvements

We’ve implemented some improvements to the FXLoader Cloud Service over the last few months, so thought it would be a good idea to pull them all together and let you know about them.

As always, please get in contact if you’d like further details on any of these.

Zuora REST Service

If you run Zuora, you may need to get your FX rates into that application too. We don’t yet have a direct link to push the rates into Zuora, due to a restriction on their web service. But we have implemented a REST service to allow you to pull the data in the format needed by Zuora.

We can also provide some details on how to implement a background job to pull rates via this REST service and push them to Zuora.

Oracle E-Business Suite REST Service

We have also added a REST service to pull data in the format needed by Oracle E-Business Suite. Whilst we have a separate product for EBS, we have some clients requesting to load the same rates to multiple ERPs, so it makes sense for them to load them all from FXLoader Cloud Service.

In future we plan to release an extension to EBS to use this new REST service to pull rates, via the Integrated SOA Gateway that is part of EBS.

Variance Alerts

You can now create alerts to check the rates you are loading against the previous day or against another rates source. The checks against another source of rates are limited to a set of common currency rates, but the previous day checks can cover all rates you are loading.

You can specify a maximum percentage difference between rates and send alerts via email for any that break this threshold.

You may have seen this new option under the Run Detail page. We’d be happy to help you set this up, if it would be useful.

Notification Flexibility

You can now ask FXLoader to send you a notification only in the event of a final error, not every time it retries.

New Official Central Bank Sources

We have added some additional central bank rates for Eastern Europe.

Serbia and Macedonia are available to anyone with an Xignite subscription.

Moldova is available directly via FXLoader, so available to anyone with an FXLoader subscription.

Set Your Own API Key

If you have your own API key for any of the rates sources we support, you can now enter it via the Subscription page, without having to send it to us to do.

Remove Edit Pencils

The yellow pencils that provided the link to edit a row of data caused some issues, when the magnification on a browser was too large to show them.

So we decided to remove them altogether and replace them with a link on one of the columns in the data. The column will be highlighted in blue, just click the data to navigate to the edit page.

OANDA Date Check

OANDA publish their rates around 10pm US Eastern Time. If you request the rates too early, you will still receive rates but they will be for the previous day.

OANDA provides the date of each rate it returns, so if any of them do not match the date you requested, FXLoader will issue a warning (the rates will still be loaded).

So you may want to change your notification options to be notified on warning, if this is a concern.

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