FXLoader Integration with Zuora Billing Application

FXLoader integration with zuora

FXLoader and Zuora for Billing

The newest FXLoader feature allows users to utilize integration with Zuora Billing.

FXLoader offers clients the flexibility to push FX rates directly into the Zuora Billing software. Zuora is a real-time SaaS platform that automates all subscription order-to-revenue operations for businesses, and clients now have access to push any FX rate updates to the Zuora Billing application through FXLoader.

Using the Zuora integration, FXLoader clients can update currency exchange rates in Zuora every day. Billing invoices use foreign currency formats created within the Zuora application. These invoices need accurate and up-to-date rates in order to convert the amount back to the base currency of the organization.

With FXLoader, clients have the ability to match the exact same rates they are already loading into their ERP or accounting systems using FXLoader and Zuora together. This is the key advantage of using FXLoader for rates rather than some other sources.

Why Use FXLoader for FX Rates

“This new integration came into fruition at the request of an existing client. The client was already loading FX rates into Oracle ERP Cloud. They, additionally, wanted the exact same rates in Zuora for billing purposes,” says Peter Care, Technical Director at FXLoader.

Overall, Zuora users who bill in foreign currencies need to regularly use FX rates. Because of this, FX rates are entered manually or entered using a source that is different than their accounting system. Both of these options pose risk. Now, FXLoader offers daily, automated updates of FX rates with accurate, authentic rates from a trusted source, significantly lowering risk.