FXLoader Cloud Service Release 43

FXLoader Cloud Service Release 43

Date: 12th December 2016

Release 43 includes the following enhancements:

Inquiry Only Users

You can now set up users with access to the FXLoader application who can only view data; they cannot update any of your configuration. Inquiry access allows users to see the outcome of jobs and flexible searching on the rates that have been loaded. Please get in touch if this feature could be useful.

Extra Days Warning

The ‘Extra Days’ parameter allows you to load the same rate into multiple forward days. This is often used as a safeguard, with the forward rates being overwritten by the next day’s run. If you re-run a past date for a Run with Extra Days defined, you need to remember that it will overwrite the forward days too, which may not be intended. So we have introduced warning messages to highlight this outcome.

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