FXLoader JDE AIS Orchestration

FXLoader JDE AIS Orchestration

FXLoader for JD Edwards E1 has been available for a few years now using Business Services (BSSV).  We provide a UBE and BSSV process to pull rates from the FXLoader Cloud Service.

Until JDE 9.2, Business Services was the recommended way to use web services within JDE. From 9.2 onwards there is an alternative, AIS Orchestrations, which provide a simpler JSON based integration using web services.

Advantages of AIS

AIS allows FXLoader to securely push the rates into your JDE application. This means the loading of rates becomes a single straight-through process to retrieve the rates from your chosen source, process them and load them into JDE.
The single process allows our platform to ensure the rates go all the way to JDE successfully, and to capture any errors, allowing us to provide pro-active support for our clients.
The older Business Services method needs two separate processes, increasing the risk of a disconnect if one process is delayed or has a problem.

What is AIS?

AIS works by replicating the data entry in the standard exchange rate screen in JDE.  Thus, all validation is performed and the process is fully supported by Oracle.

What does FXLoader Provide?

We provide the AIS Orchestration via xml files to be installed, along with install instructions.

And of course we provide the FXLoader Cloud Service where you set up exactly what you need for the currency rates.

We offer a 30-day trial of all the full functionality.

What are the pre-requisites

To use AIS you need to be on JDE release 9.2 at least, and have an AIS server set up.

Your AIS server also needs to be available over HTTPS, as the FXLoader Cloud Service enforces secure connections.

If you have any questions or would like a 30 day free trial contact FXLoader on [email protected], or fill in the contact form on our website and we’ll get right back to you.